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Monday, December 3, 2018

Book review on " PS. I still love you " by Jenny Han. 

Partially in love. Partially maintained. 
So many emotions lost and gained.

I thought it was easy to fall in love.

Slightly like a swim, for a lazy dove.
Tightly bonded, like bricks high above.
It seemed that easy, yet it was that tough.
Like a rope. Letting go cause lesser pain.
Love is magical, yet partially insane.

Living all our lives desperately wanna gain.
Old love, new one even both in a campaign. 
Very hard to tell. Am I bad or just a plain,
Eager teen. Wanna fall in love again.

You are the one? for me? I am not sure.
Or am I even? Your only one and cure?
Unmaintained love, but love, for sure.

Hello again, everyone. Welcome to a new book review or shall I say life journey.

Cause books are my life, with every book comes a whole new journey, and here's my latest one.

  • I thought  letting go was all about cheaters and bad romance, I thought it was a big ugly bubble of tears over a boy,  but man! I was dead wrong. Letting go is like a ship. It takes time, patience, efficiency and one hell of a sailor to sail in an angry sea. Let alone that sailor is just a seventeen-year-old teen.

  • Letting go was never about a person, it's always about a concept. An idea. A belief. An attraction. An obsession. It's all about us. 

" when we let go, we not only letting go of a person, we let go the concept that made us with that person...we let go of a part of us as well"

  • We let go of the anger, hate, hurt and despair, it ain't about a boyfriend/girlfriend. It's all about us.


  • You know that feeling when you hate something you used to love so much, just from the continuity and repetition of it. From your first day to your last you hear the word love on daily basis. Like EVERYWHERE. We want so much to feel loved and cherished. The sole purpose of our lives is finding that amazing soulmate that is born just to complete us.

"We become so overwhelmed with the concept of love before even knowing what it really is" 

Well, Imagine all of that happened to a seventeen-year-old Asian Petite Lara Jean.

Or you can spare the imagination part and go read the book๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

P.S I still love you by Jenny Han You can check here website here

Oh! By the way This is my Review of the Month for the review collection on

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Is it what love to you, Mother?

Lying in silence, watching me shutter.
Eager to cry, but never bother.
To say no, to walk away, to save us all together.

Yet you thought, you can make,
Old demons smile,zombie's heart shake.
Uninvited,fear get to you with no break.

Getting high, step by step, partake.
Outloud like a Porsche with no brake.

A-tragic-accident- A-past-you-can't-escape-jpg

Review on " I let you go " by Clare Mackintosh. 

As always I never saw a book as a way of entertainment or something useful or educational. In fact, it was always quite the opposite. 

Books are Journeys,  with every book there's new discoveries, new dimensions and new life.

And here's my latest adventure in points:

  • Monsters are never born...they are created, cause we all are born the same.  This book won't tell you how to create one. It tells you how it feels to live with one.      

  •   JUSTICE. It's supposed to be easy, live in peace. But what I really got from this book is reality has so many different shades of grey and that there's a very different yet thin line between the truth and the reality. ( you may spend your whole life believing in something not even real ).

Quite a deep book review, ha??? Wait for it๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‹

  •  Men are superheroes or at least that what we see, powerful heroes with tons of muscles. For a lot of people  (unfortunately most), Insecurity is a womanly thing like they are born to fear and cope with it. What nearly kills you is that most women feel insecure, they are raised to believe that fear is a normal thing, that fear is good. Fear is safety. So our tears become our first reaction.

  With tears, we fight

         But No.

  •  Most of those we fear, fear us too. But the game is all about the appearances... the myth of control. So, fear all you want. The only way out is to fight.

  • Does fear result in submission or Submission is a result of fear? If you have the physical power and the will to do something, why do you choose to cry when you can scream? Choose to beg when you can bite? Stay when you can run? 


I hope I did a good job reviewing the book, and if you want to know the answers to all those questions, I guess you get " I let you go " by Clare Mackintosh. Check her website here๐Ÿ˜

Thanks, for reading.


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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Why do we always fail at commitments?

Pen up, pen down.
Feeling myself,
looking like a clown.
Done nothing so far,
but never deserve a frown.
Com'on do it,
What are you waiting for?
Start now,
Got no time to ignore.
Stop feeling weak,
It ain't gonna get you to shore.
But I can't stop that bad feeling,
Motivation off, can't start dealing.

I hate the universe.

No, Actually the universe hates me, then I hated him back. Com'on!! don't look at me that way I am a sweet young lady with just a tiny issue.


Ok, so it's not that tiny but com'on guys it's beyond me and I can't control it. Let's start from when it all begins.

Yesterday was my midterm test, so I should have studied the day before, but apparently the word "should" doesn't belong to my dictionary. I don't know what happened. I knew I had a test, that I must study, I knew this was important. I just lost motivation. I lied back for about 7 hours doing literally

I just couldn't make myself motivated enough to study, so right now writing this makes me wish that I am one of those kids who might just pee in their pants from fear of exams.

But I am not.

Before judging me I know, I know I am the one to blame. But I am not lazy nor a playful person or I wouldn't spend like an hour writing the article you currently reading but sometimes I feel like I lost the fire in me.
The one that keeps me forward, the boiling will that makes me want to go through fire.
The motivation.

The purpose to do something great.  Sometimes all I want is to eat and lie back and that sucks:(

But what's next? Is that how my life gonna end? Is that why I am here ? Cause now I am worthless. I am being controlled by fear and dispair.

I am filled with rubbish, complete utter bullsh**

A photo of black ink

Some people try to get my hopes up, others try to sugarcoat the truth, but believe it or not no one can help you but you.

But here I am writing all those amazing motivational words, while still lying on my back with zero regrets.

Yep I am like a messy incoherent ink line in a wide white sheet. 

And along the way, I would keep cussing and turning into a small ball of negativity and indifference.

So, What's next?
Nothing... Cause it's not gonna end.

We are not gonna stop being ugly, rubbish , incomplete and lazy.

We are not gonna stop blaming ourselves for every small ugly detail.

We are not gonna stop falling, failing and crawling.

But we are damn sure stop wishing for perfection.  

  This is who we are. We are meant be.  flawed. It's just being human.

And it's perfectly normal, cause you, my dear friend is perfect in an ugly imperfect way. With every little ugly detail, flaw, ignorence and incoherence come the bigger picture.

Romanesque Architecture :- Abbey Church of the Trinity (11th century) By Ali Khaled 

Look closely. Zoom in. What do you see? 

Anyway, it's past midnight now. So, I think a couple of hours of study is better than nothing at all, ha? 
Wish me luck, 

By the way I found that amazing piece of free hand sketch on Twitter by Ali Khaled you can find the tweet here. And I just couldn't stop thinking how much it is so perfect in an  imperfect way.

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Cause books aren't just about boring words and unlimited letters, I added a SoundCloud account, so you can hear all the songs I listen to while reading and share the addiction with me. READING IS LIFE.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Cause books aren't just about boring words and unlimited letters, I added a SoundCloud account, so you can hear all the songs I listen to while reading and share the addiction with me. READING IS LIFE.
 Soundcloud tracks for bookaholics

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Do you believe in a happy ending?

A happily ever after, love, soulmates and destiny sending the perfect one for you, like two innocent souls meant for each other.
Well, that book got me thinking? Does fate have a role in love? Are you destined to be in love with a specific person among 7 billion people on Earth?

So, what about " Wrong time. Wrong place"? Is it even real? Or everything really happens for a reason?

Hello, everyone. My name is Shahenda, and here's my book journey.

"Review on November 9 by Colleen Hoover "

  • Everything really happens for a reason, but it doesn't have to be as we hoped or wanted. Sometimes life makes no sense. Sometimes life acts weird.  

" But believe me, everything is for a reason."

  • We are ugly. As much as you think you are beautiful and kind, as much we feel victimised and broken. We are monsters. One way or another, we did something bad, broke someone's heart. Ignored a message, acted like you never cared. In a way, all of us made unbelievably sick and ugly mistakes. We are bad, the only thing that really matters is how much you are willing to forget and forgive.

                 To let go
  • Happy ever afters are real. But they are like Disney land. They are so damn hard to reach. 

  • Love is like a poem when you spend all your afternoon trying to figure the best words and the most poetic synonyms, you try so hard to get the perfect rhyme, Sometimes you get them, Sometimes you don't. Doesn't matter how much you tried to make it work.     

                  Love is poetic

November 9 quote

No, where to go, you can't escape fate.
Or fetch an escapade or run away from hate.
Vapours, fires and gases on every gate.
Eager to run but regret is never late.
My demons let me, hurt a saint.
Beauty in the fire, now broken in the shade.
Earth made me her easy bait
Running deathly in love, with the one I opted.                                  death to take.

Now shall I come, shall I stay hidden?
Inside my heart, lies the secret, Forbidden.
Now or never, babe. Can mercy be given?
Eager to wash my sins, finally to be forgiven.

Thank you for reading my review it was a quick one, I hope you liked my poem, with every review I write I try so hard to summarise the book, write what really touched me and make it look extremely cool in a poetic way.

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New feature:
Cause books aren't just about boring words and unlimited letters, I added a SoundCloud account, so you can hear all the songs I listen to while reading and share the addiction with me. READING IS LIFE.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hello, Pilot. How are you?
Doing great, I bet. Me too.
It's funny how life made us go through.
Running hard, nowhere to go.

Did you believe or even felt.
A pull, a latch or a longing that melts,
Your heart to pieces, then finally to an end.
I know you're in pain, so don't pretend.

I bet you don't 
I bet you do.
How far can a bet
make me hate you?
Who am I to hate 
When I am you?

I am your day and month as well.
I am your bad decisions and the same fell.
I am your love and your damn hell.
I am once loved, now, I can't tell.

Am I just easy, am I dumb? 
My decisions are bad, but I can't stop.
Can't hate people, and you are the top
Even after all those insults, you drop.
I still believe you the best cop.

No, not a cop.
A captain

A sad girl in a subway station

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Flash in my eyes, forcing me to       

 Heaviness in my heart lasts for over a 
Got nothing in here but a long useless
Of damaged souls, all together in one body. 

No, not mine, but it always felt this 
keeping a secret, it's ugliness made me stay.
Wanna run away with him, through a light ray.
How much more darkness can I keep at bay?

But here it comes, the hard equation.
How can I solve it, when love is the relation.
His lovely face could sacrifice what no nation,
Could sacrifice for millions, not just me. A patient.

A patient with emotional abuse.

Hello again everyone, hope you liked my poem. Sorry, for making it so cryptic. Com'on guys don't look at me that way. I know you loved it๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Ž, the harder it looks...the easier for you to get the true meaning of the book.

Cause books are Journeys and here's mine...

This is my review on " All the little lights " by Jamie Mcguire.

Or I would rather say, Journey. An emotional one.

- It's so hard to not know what to do. You spend your days trying to be good and happy.

But that's the sneaky part. You can't be good and happy at the same time.

" You keep asking your self. Why? Why you have to suffer. Why can't you be happy and at the same time do the right thing? " 

Guess life is one hell of an equation and I am terrible at Maths.

The book is filled with ups and downs, a lot of ups actually. This sweet love story. It was so sweet that sometimes it didn't even seem true. But love here wasn't the problem or I would rather say Catherine's and Elliot's love wasn't the issue.

Love as it should be. From All the little lights book by Jamie Mcguire

  - Let me ask you something.

Have you ever felt angry towards someone (I bet you have)? What if that one is a beloved one? Like a friend, best friend, boyfriend, a family member.
A mother.

You are so angry and frustrated at that person (let's call him A), you kinda hate A for his actions,  but at the same time, you love him. You can't imagine a life without him, you start to think that your responsibility to make things right. To make A right.

But A never changes. In fact, A knows quite well how much anger and despaired you feel. A knows how much you love him, so he keeps doing what he does. And you keep feeling Angry.
Then bad at yourself for being angry.
Then despaired.

That's called abuse.
Emotional abuse.

" Those people are raping you of your own right to feel angry, to make a change, to get over them. "

They are abusing you and they know damn well, that you love them.
So, you won't move on.
You won't leave them.

Cause if you did you will look like the devil who has been overrating and angry for nothing.
And they will be the perfect victim.

That's not all about the book.
The book is filled with love and sweetness, it might melt you.

But this is what really got me, what made this book worth reading.

Ooh, and the ending will be quite a surprise๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‰.

Thank you for reading, I know this is not your typical book review, but I am not a typical girl either.

Until the next book,

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New feature:
Cause books aren't just about boring words and unlimited letters, I added a SoundCloud account, so you can hear all the songs I listen to while reading and share the addiction with me. READING IS LIFE.