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This is my own new (first one actually) blog...I hope you like's not your typical style blog. Just some free writing style. Hope u like it. You may also stay connected with me on Instagram, Twitter and Wattpad.
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It all started with just a tap on an icon. 
Twitter was and still my favourite app of all time. Checking here, scrolling there. It doesn't matter just wasting my precious time.

Until I found this photo. U know, no big deal! But I think that you don't have to spend hours to make a change. Sometimes it's all about a second, a coincidence, an opportunity... A picture

Sometimes we fall in love with ideas, not people.

I believe that what happenes to a lot of people.
You love the idea of being loved. Of being cherished. Of being taken cared of.

The idea of being the centre of somebody's life. The Sole and the only purpose to someone.

You love the idea, then you love the one who's got the idea, then you love his presence cause every time you see the gleam in his eyes, you remember that you are worth it.
You hate his absence, Cause you hate not hearing his words or seeing the love in his eyes. You love the lips that tell you " I love you" The eyes that can't leave your sig…

Never fade book review

Run Run Run Run Don't stop, it's already begun. Saving, those who never saw the sun. Thinking, they have already won. Saving and cleaning, everybody's mess Wishing, it will make it less. Saying, we got nothing but to fight. Wishing, it's gonna be alright.

Fight who, where, when and why. Everybody's screaming, Nobody is shy. Saving a lot, saying so few  Hiding my pain, it ain't new. Trying to be the perfect child. Nobody is perfect, I am only blind.
Sadness, anger, guilt and fear. Mixing all together, making it clear. I am gonna never save them all Swimming for months, never reaching the shore.

But I once was and forever will be. The friend, the lover and the one who believes. For a better future and for a cure for sure. For me, you and those who endure

I really hope you liked my poem. This is my own review on Never Fade. The Darkest minds 2 by Alexandra Bracken. 
This book was different. It was filled with mixed emotions, good and bad. Love and hate. But the most prominent one is hop…


The eyes that see, Those who judge. They see a kid, but not budge. I am far behind, but they don't believe. I am way normal,  but they don't release. Release their weapons and go away. I am not a danger, I am gonna stay. Their eyes are danger and mine are fear. They gonna be, my only fear. I am just a kid. I am only a soul. They see me as a weapon. They see me roar. Run away. Run away. His eyes are power. His fears at bay. I wanna hug. I wanna stay. I wanna love. I wanna fight. I trusted those, who helped me fight. Run away, Run away. I scream now. I am gonna be alright. I am gonna help. Who taught me right. But those who help, never betray. And he betrayed me, right away. Run away. Run away. No, I ain't run away. I am gonna fight, every day. I am gonna force them to see. The power of a ruby inside of me.

Read the Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.
This is my review on the darkest minds book by Alexandra  Bracken. It's my first poem actually.
This poem really explains a lot about a book. But I …

Life's gonna eat you out.

This is not a person I am talking about. Not flesh and bones. It's a soul. I am talking about a soul. Mine actually. Just in a different body. I know you are hurting. The pain is squeezing the life out of you. And you are just burying it in. You want to scream, but every time you open your mouth nothing comes out.

It's painful. And I know damn well what you are facing.

But I can't do a thing. I am just an observer. I wish you have all the happiness that I want for me. I wish you be all the things I want. Have all the things I have.
But I can't help you this time. Good things never come easily. You gonna dig into hard granite to get them. You alone can do this.
But I am here  And will be here for you.
Cause you and I are the same person. A soul and a body. And now I am a body without a soul.

No matter how bad things are right now. No matter how stuck you feel. No matter how many days you’ve spent crying and wishing things were different. No matter how hopeless and depressed you feel. I p…


Honesty. They say that Honesty is what makes a man a real man. But that's not quite accurate. We are not that honest any more. We lie and lie and lie. Our lies become a part of us. It lives inside us. With every second, they proliferate and colonise inside us. Until it swallows us. We lie until we become the lie itself.
We lie to ourselves and live the lie. But for how long.  How long will we escape, run and act? How long will we bury our confessions? Cause sooner or later these confessions will come back and bite us. I say. You confess now  Or just read confess by Colleen Hoover.

Hi, I really hope you like This review. I know this not your typical review posts. I know There are way better reviews. But I don't do this for professionals. I try to be different. I try to be a freestyle writer. Shake some things up. Thanks, For your support and I, would be very Happy to hear your opinions.
All pics here are already in the book and all the confessions are real

Sometimes we don’t get second chan…

Mini summaries part 4 (Memories)

Hello. Welcome to Mini summaries part 4. If u don't get what I am talking about, pls Check the previous posts๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‰.

 Those incredible pieces of information. You may not believe me, but those bits and pieces of information, Control us. Make us sometimes feel happy, sometimes sad. They change our mood and control our decisions.

But what is a memory?  Many people compare a brain's memory to a computer's memory. But that's not true, at least not completely right according to Dean Burnette.
Computer's memory is like empty space that is filled with info, you might use the info or might not. If not it's left there with no use.

Data and info are put into the memory of a computer, where they remain until needed, at which point they are retrieved, barring some technical fault, in exactly the same state in which they were first stored. So far, so logical.

But Humans memory is way different. It's always working. Processing. It never stops. Human's memories…

It's time for acceptance.

I really wanted to be like them. For years I have been trying. Coping exactly what they do. Saying what they would say. Laughing like them. And even wearing what they would like to wear.
But in vain. I am different. I am different and I don't know if that's good or bad. I am different and I don't understand. If they are supposed to be me, Or I am supposed to be them. 8 years I have been trying. But I stopped. Maybe I don't belong or maybe I belong too much.

Maybe they don't belong or maybe they belong too much. And here I am writing this blog post, waiting for someone to understand me and hear me out.

I am waiting for the different. The Losers The uglies The Freaks The Geeks Those who never belonged but always have a longing. A longing to be accepted and understood. We are so many, but we feel so small. We are lost among the smart, the beautiful, the famous and the fashionistas.

I have tried to change, to be like them but I won't any more. It's time to love yourself. It's…