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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

We can't control our emotions, we can't stop them from flowing into our hearts. We can't measure, describe, show or even draw them. They just creep into us slowly. Years of living without figuring out what triggers them. What makes them resurface? What makes you sad and feel awful out of nowhere? Without even knowing the cause.

Is that a memory? A smell? An act? 
Who makes emotions?
My brain? Me? Or those who affect us so much that we can't figure the differences any more?

I just read about a rape. No graphic description, no tragedic words...nothing. just a couple of lines saying it with just a realistic way that you can easily turn the page without knowing.

But still, I can't describe my feelings right now.

Is it sadness?
Is it fear?
Is it.......I can't even know what to write. What am I feeling right now?? 
I don't know.
And that's the problem. This is why we spend 2/3 of our lives sad, incoherent, failing miserably to control how we feel.

What am I feeling right now?

I close my eyes and look at her, my feeling. I need to know her to figure who she is and what's really going on. To know why does she keep coming and going without anything? Anything to alert me of her arrival, of why.

Me: who are you?
My feeling: A reflection.
Me: of me?
My feeling: No.
Me: of whom then?
My feeling: it's not a whom, it's a what?
Me: then, what is the thing that you are a reflection of?
My feeling: Everything.
Me: If you are a reflection of everything why do you come at specific times.
My feeling: I am everywhere here with you, every day of your life. Sometimes you hear my voice laughing, Or see me crying, falling in love, feeling desperate, or scared to death. You Never saw me, you always hear my voice. 


we can't control our feelings.
BUT we sure as hell can control the amount of time we spend feeling this specific one.

You can't stop thinking about your cheater boyfriend but you can control the time you spend in this relationship 
You can't stop fearing your finals but you can start studying now.
You can't stop Crying over the death of a friend, but you can start doing what he loved most. You can start making his dream come true as if he's pretty much alive. 

You can't stop feeling awful after reading about a rape. But you can write and slowly you will feel less awful.

Don't dam your emotions out, feel them, know them, accept them, cope with them and finally get over them.

Pic by Christian Newman

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Monday, September 17, 2018

The letters sprinkled in front of me.
One after one sat me free.

Always thought, he's gonna be.
Love of my life, long-lasting glee.
Lara Jean, short Asian kid.

The one who loves, the baby who sheds.
Huge amounts of ugly tears.
Each day, she fell more and more.

Boy after boy, she loves for sure.
Old mama's box is her well and core.
Yet, it ain't enough, to close the door.
So all the letters got out of hand.

It has to be a secret, she can't understand.

Has he known? I can't stand.
A  forbidden love, I know, I am damned.
Valued enough, he was a former lover.
Enough of this shit, she can't lose a brother.

Lying is the only way she would gather.
Old secrets again, away forever.
Very large ego, but larger eyes.
Emerald beauty sharper than knives.
Daring you to play his game of dice.

But a lie could bring a playboyto his knees.
Eager to make a show, An Ex to tease.
For a just a lie, it ends with no ease.
Or a short Asian is funnier than most.
Ruling the kitchen and I am lost.
Echo of love, through me, crossed.

I know, I know. My reviews are weird, but who says I am the wise one eitherπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰


Hope you like it😍😍

To all the boys I've loved before by Jenny Han

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Monday, September 10, 2018

1, 2, 3 breath in
Can you see her now? Did you see her, then?
4,5,6 breath out.
You have to believe me. She isn't saved nor sound.
Repeat it once, twice, three and four times.
She's gone away, with no Goodbyes.

I need your help. I need you to see.
Maybe you are next, maybe me.
The water is corrupted, the water is stained
With a Floyd t-shirt, a pinky shade.

My brain was a selfish, lying bastard.
He played me up, A game he mastered.
He made me believe what's not true.
A woman in a cabin, you see her, don't you?

Your eyes and heart are two different things 
I feel her death, I need no lens.
Won't stop digging, crossing every line.
The woman in the cabin next to mine.
The woman in cabin 10.

The woman in cabin 10 a debut thriller novel by Ruth ware.

I always write my reviews as poems. I love the way the words get sneaky, make you think the book is something while it's a totally different thing.

With every book, I read. I become a different person with new aims and possibilities.

This is not a book review...this is me after reading " the woman in cabin 10 "

  • Our brains are indeed bastards, an amazingly powerful and smart one. They don't care about the truth or what's really there. They just want to get it over with.

It's all about connections. From the first blink of an eye to its last one. All the brain does is connecting, connecting all pieces of information to make a chain of events, opinions, conclusions and personalities. These connections are us in every way possible.

An Apple.

The word apple you just read has no taste, no sound, no shape, no colour and no painful nor blissful experiences. So, why did you see the colour red or green or yellow when you read it? It's just a word. Why those specific colours only? Why did you feel abrupt sadness and anger?

 It has nothing to do with a typed word, right? 

 No, the word apple is connected to a pic you saw before. A pic of a red apple lies in your memory, waiting for the perfect trigger to resurface. It also connected to the last time you ate it which was like 7 days ago. The same day you dropped out or broke up with your partner. 

All of these are considered separate pieces of information until the perfect trigger.

But that's not the sneaky part.....

your brain wants to create these connections that sometimes it just mess up.
 Like a puzzle, your brain connects every little piece with each other according to its shape and colour. Sometimes it connects the pieces according to shape only, forming a totally different picture.

But that's also not the sneaky part.

The sneaky part is your brain will figure out a way to make it believable.

It makes you believe that the different pic is the, in fact, the original one. The mismatched pieces are totally matching and perfectly forming a masterpiece.

And you believe it.

Like, Who can doubt his own brain?

 who we are actually to say otherwise. To doubt our own brains. In the end, our brain. Our conscious is who we are. If we start to doubt it. Then we start to doubt our own existence. And if we do so, then we gonna doubt EVERYTHING.

So how can we get out of this loop?

I know I sound overrated. You are right. I am a crazy book geek. I know you are scared, but tell me. Have you ever been so sure of something and discovered that you were wrong about it?

Have you ever broken up with someone, ended a marriage, a friendship for the wrong reasons that once were so right?

Have you ever asked yourself why you always suck at your own problems while acting like a damn social worker with other's problems?

It's all about the way you see the events. The way your brain connects the dots.

At least that's what happened to LO. That's what I started to believe after reading the woman in cabin 10.


All pics via unsplash. Have no copyrights on them.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

When I bought this book it wasn't intentional, just saw it's movie trailer and found it online at an acceptable price so, why not? It's about depression and suicide and I loved those categories. I love when books talk and dig into emotional issues. I got the book and Guess what? ??

I discovered that the author of the book Ned Vizzini committed suicide back in 2013

He had severe depression.

It's like he screamed his agony through the book. I haven't read it yet. But I think it's not just a book. It's the thoughts, feelings and pain of a man tried so hard to win his war but failed.

Maybe this book will make a difference. Maybe people will stop committing suicide. Maybe not. But by reading this book you are helping Ned and all those who quit and Giving hope for those who still fight against depression.


You fought hard. You deserve life but life didn't deserve you. RIP, Ned Vizzini

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New feature:
Cause books aren't just about boring words and unlimited letters, I added a SoundCloud account, so you can hear all the songs I listen to while reading and share the addiction with me. READING IS LIFE.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Mom!, look A panda at the door
Knocking hard, angry for sure.
She looks cute and lovely as well.
Her eyes are pearls of disappointment as hell.

"I thought you would be smarter," the panda said.
How could you try, how could you pretend?
You change and change and changing again.
Escaping the truth, failing all the same.

Trying to forget the pain and fear.
Missing the lesson, watching unclear
Cause pain makes us humans and it
Makes us stronger, he's your only friend.

Walking like a hero, Shoulders high.
Not giving a fuck or even try.
Thinking life is like your poor girlfriend.
Ignore her all you want, she waits for you until the end.

But life isn't as dumb or as easy
Slap you hard for being sneaky
Or thinking once that not giving a fuck
Is the easiest way for quick luck.
Without the pain. you ain't much happy.
Cause pain and happiness are BFF, buddy

This life isn't a show or a movie part.
You need to be an artist cause living is an art.
The subtle art of not giving a fuck.

And that was my review on the subtle art of not giving a fuck.
It's pretty easy to say that this book is great or fabulous or amazing.
This book wasn't just a was like a movie. I can hear the author's voice whispering. I can see myself living his life and doing his mistakes. 

This is not a good motivational book. This is a lifetime lesson 
This is Mark answering my questions without even knowing who I am.

I don't believe in amazing books. I believe in the amazing impacts of a good book.

  • You spend your whole life trying to change but the truth is changing isn't gonna fix your problems, it's gonna make it worse. Think of it for a minute. We always try to change for the better. Be more updated and better versions of our own selves. But who told you exactly that the updated version of yourself is better. I truly believe that every change I have become is a fake one. The truth is..... Guess what? ??  Acceptance.  Because we will change from the inside..from the root. We should change the concept that says " being better is to change into the better"  to " being better is to accept, cope and act as ourselves to feel better in our own skin"

  • Everyone has his one values...his own means...his own truth...and his own opinions... it's like a fingerprint no one is don't try to prove anything.

  • Success is just a word with no meaning or so many meanings that nobody truly knows what is a success any more.

  • Certainty is a myth..even your own eyes can deceive you.

  • You think you will be happy if you avoid pain and problems but you couldn't be any more will only get happy after you feel the pain, so before wailing for not being happy, ask your self...How much pain can you endure?

  • I believe that we spend our whole lives trying to achieve our dreams that are based on certain values, it has nothing to do with right or wrong but the way you see those values. You think that you are the one in control that you choose those values. But what you don't know that humans are easily affected creatures and sometimes our values too.

  • The action isn't the effect of motivation, it's also the cause of it. We live in a connected world. Societies are so tightened in a narrow Web. We make an action that affects those around us. It's either induce or inhibit us emotionally,  this emotion is called a motivation. Sometimes we feel less motivated, other times our actions are the cause and result. It was always that way. Motivations Cant control you but actions can.

  • Love is cocaine. We want so bad to be loved. The sole and only purpose of somebody's life. So when it happens. We can't get over the high. We just use it more and more...more love, more cocaine. It's an emotional addiction, sadly no one can love you more than you. Read romantic books all you millions of romance, but no one can give you love and care more than yourself. And that's the ugly miserable truth. With time the interest lessens a little bit, he doesn't have to a bad guy or a jerk. ( I am not saying he isn't, thoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) but sometimes we want something that isn't available. It's like buying 10 kilos of thin air. That's when the withdrawal symptoms begin. And that's why breakups hurt so much.

  • Freedom's true meaning. I always thought that freedom is like the absolute capability to do whatever you want. The unlimited number of options. But with the unlimited options come the burden of choosing. That's the problem of freedom. Freedom is choosing commitment willingly after taking the whole world on a silver plate.

  • Giving a fuck is like immortality. By giving a fuck about something, you spend time, energy and ideas on it. That thing becomes your legacy, your influence. So death doesn't become the boggy man anymore. Cause even if you are not forgotten. Your ideas, energy and influence are very much alive. You are immortal.

This is not a professional review of the book. This is not quoting either, somethings you may relate it to the book, some things have nothing to do with it. This is me after reading the subtle art of not giving a fuck.

I believe that our sole existence is just a reflection of the environment around us So, that blog post, article whatever you want to name it. Is the reflection of the book on me.

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New feature:
Cause books aren't just about boring words and unlimited letters, I added a SoundCloud account, so you can hear all the songs I listen to while reading and share the addiction with me. READING IS LIFE.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hello Earth, It's me.
My name isn't that important to you, I know you pretty much won't even recognise me, you are millions of years old so a small book geek like me won't be a thing to you.
Actually no, or at least I hope to. I hope one day I will be a thing. A pretty much big deal that you would actually remember me one day.

Maybe not at first, but maybe one of the top 10, 100. It will still be something. I don't wanna be famous. Don't wanna be rich. I just wanna be a better version of myself. I wanna be iPhone 10x or iPhone 10. Ummmm, is it iPhone 10x or just 10???πŸ€”πŸ€”whatever, like i would buy one anyway soon😐😐😐.

I just wanna stop the fear.
But here's the thing, Earth. Fear is unstoppable and in this case, I just wanna learn how to adapt, to live with it. I know you probably won't be reading this letter, that you are probably dealing with something better and more important but Earth, you are in a desperate need to hear me out. I am trying to save you.

 Look around you..this world is in desperate need for a book.

We deserve to live safely. To believe in a day with no fear nor terror. We are born in a shithole called isn't related to how much money you have. Poor and rich are the same with nothing but an illusion of power.

 I once wanted to be powerful. To be like no one else.. I was just trying to prove my self to others.
I thought power was money.
I thought it was physical.
I thought it was appearances. But I was wrong.
The only power is in the most valuable object on earth, Humans.

And the most powerful object within the human is his brain.

And the most powerful object within the brain is his conscious.

And the most powerful object for conscious is the book.

It isn't just about spreading morals and sophistication.
It's about us... it's about being human. Look around you...we started to act like animals. Murder...mess...robbery...crucial decrease in moral statuses...rape...sexual assaults...

Day by day we gonna end up looking like animals. Insideout. 

Yeah, yeah I know I am overrating but what if?? What if that really happened? Anyway thank you for your time. Who knows maybe when you finally get the opportunity to read this letter, l would already got that iPhone.

                             With regards,

I know this is a little bit weird blogpost but think of it as a possibility. Reading, writing, Music, arts, love are the only way to survive. But sadly no one listens. Or care...

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New feature:
Cause books aren't  just about boring words and unlimited letters, I added a soundcloud account, so you can hear all the songs I listen to while reading and share the addiction with me. READING IS LIFE.