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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Haven't the faintest idea about the art of copywriting? No problem. Scroll down to get from zero to hero in the painfully simple art of copywriting.
In the world of online marketing, copywriting skills are essential for creating content that resonates with your customers. Whether you’re working on social media posts or advertising copy, you need to be able to capture your audience’s attention and drive home a specific message. And while it might seem like a natural skill for some people, anyone can learn how to write copy that sells. In this blog post, we offer 6 tips and tricks to turn your copywriting skills into words that sell.

  • Simplicity is key. Use simple language yet professional. It's a paradox if you ask me, but copywriting requires a specific catching and teasing language professionally wrapped altogether. Think of it as tightrope walking. The tone, which is the way your message comes across to your reader, should portray emotion with word choice, punctuation, and style of font, while the writing should give off a strong professional vibe and elegance. so, you, my dear copywriter, have to master the art of waking on a tight robe between both. Keep it simple, keep it clean.

  • Seal the deal using wordsPaint a picture with descriptive words. It's like crafting a story, a short one at the very least, where the protagonist is your customer, the conflict is the problem your customer dealing with, and the resolution is your product solving his problem. Dramatize the situation, while making your words emotionally impact the reader.

  • Edit. Write more, edit most. If writer's block is stopping you from pitching that perfect piece, or can't grasp a good idea. Drafting is key. Just write. Anything, everything that comes to your mind. The good news here is that you don't have to wait till the perfect idea comes by, just write and write and edit and edit and edit once more. Start with messy erratic pieces, spill them in paragraphs, start edit #1 with structure then shift to edit#2 with some descriptive synonyms to give your piece some strength. How about some unique Vocab? Add them up. Check the grammar and voilà you got it. Remember authentic writing is a process of harmonious editing. A good edit can make a mediocre piece a masterpiece.

  • Speak your brains out or rather here write them. Copywriting is quite similar to any type of writing, it isn't a hard act to follow. Requires formality and a certain level of professionalism? Absolutely, but not lameness. If you have an idea, got something new, write it. At the end of the day, it's never about what's written better, it's about what sells better.

  • Be a hero.  Solve a problem. Start with why? Why should the customer buy from you? You get a marvellous product, good for you but what do I get out of it? Instead of wasting time starting with what you're selling Or how you are better than your competitors. Just cut it short and tell me what I need to hear.

  • Entice readers. Discriminate effective from ineffective creative touches. Be creative You don't have to follow strict rules in writing. Using a metaphor or two can help you in great ways. How about an element of surprise? A new word with a fresh meaning might be great. A relevant synonym that makes the audience interested? Add it up! Spice things up, but take special care with the synonyms. Avoid using useless or overly exaggerated words, after all too much spice can ruin a dish.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Luck is playing hide and seek
Ugly duckling, I was the new geek
Curious to make it to the peak
Knowing, it killed the cat and the geek
Expert now, I was once a freak
Stupidly holding the tears. Never speak
Through hell, the weak girl is now chic

Gone girl is nothing to what I became
Imagine a victim got money and fame
Reasons fly when I am game
Lost all I ever had, including the shame

Astronomically, fear became a power
Lavish boldly, through dare no cower
Iceberg of diamonds can shower
Vigorous past, A man's glower
Eve wins, women overpower

 How can a woman be so powerful yet so weak at the same time?
Picture of a girl. Girl power. A book review on luckiest girl alive

Well, they didn't say Eve got Adam out of heaven for nothing. Women are powerful, in an incredibly destructive way. And Tifani ( the main character ) is an example of how a woman can be FATALLY smart.

 Book review with a little poetic touch on " Luckiest Girl Alive " by Jessica Knoll 

Now that we got the little poetic touch out of the way, we can start with the real deal.
A GIF of JayZ. Girl power. A book review on luckiest girl alive
Source: giphy

1) Meet the next gone girl, Tifani Fanelli:

Picture of a woman's in the water. Girl power. A book review on luckiest girl alive

There was no one I wouldn't hurt to stay 
 Page 84

Tifani Fanelli - the main character in Jessica knoll's bestselling novel " Luckiest girl alive " - is an expert in sweet talking, compliments and choosing her words precisely. She sugarcoats them into perfection.
She knows what you want before wanting it, says what you need to hear.
She is a manipulator. But what made her this way? What had she been through to be this experienced?
Sorry, I can't tell. You'll figure these out when you read the book.

2) A book with lifetime lessons:

A picture of a boy's face. Girl power. A book review on luckiest girl alive

 Is it rape If you can't remember what happened?  
Page 106

Another thing - or to be more specific... things - I have acknowledged in the book is how much lessons you could learn just by reading a book? The question above is a fair example. Is it rape when you can't remember it? Is taking something against your free will is considered a robbery if you can't remember it's occurrence? 

Does being violently murdered, can make a rapist, a hero? Same thing. Those questions are discussed in the book in a talented narrative voice, a thrilling vibe and extraordinary word choices.

Yet, for the questions above, no one really knows an exact answer for them.

3) A guide on how to be smart:

A picture of a cigarette. Girl power. A book review on luckiest girl alive

 People do love a good victim 
page 299

What's the difference between innocence and stupidity, the difference is in the latter you have a choice, but in innocence, you don't have much.Tiffani is a weird mix of both. I think the writer wanted to introduce this type of characters. It's amazing how much a person can change over time. As much as it happens every day to every one of us. Most characters aren't set that way.

The luckiest girl alive represents a guide on how to be smart. People love a good victim, indeed. They feel obligated to help and support a good cause. It lessens their thirst for heroism and power. So, Tifani knew this and used this information well. She used other's weakness to pretty weak small things like herself. She became aware of every little detail. 

If you can summarise this book in a few lines. They would be:
No good things happen to stupid hysterical people or dump aggressive ones, those are easily predicted, easily triggered and easily-beaten.

The storytelling is one of a kind, the events are so vague yet intriguing. You don't know what's coming to you. You can't even imagine or envision what the next chapter will hold for you.

) She is the luckiest girl alive, isn't she?

You only scream, when you are finally safe. 
 Page 107

Was Tifani a victim? Does a mistake determine your life forever? Cause believe it or not. People are like eyeshadow palettes. Each one is filled with so many different colours, we only focus on the colour that matches best with what we wear.

Throughout the book, you will ask yourself, whether Tifani is really a victim or not. Between a perplexed teenager who desperately needed friends to a bold woman who doesn't stop till she gets what she wants lies the mystery. She wanted so badly to belong, so bad that she lost herself in the process. But you know what's funny?  We were born to socialise, to affect and be affected. We were meant to mark each other equally, reshape each other's life.
The funny thing is 80% of us only draws and the other 20% just live with the ugly shapes the others left.

Tiffani wanted so much to belong, that she gave them the pen and urged them to miss her up

5) Last but never least:

A picture of a dark flower. Girl power. A book review on luckiest girl alive

My rating is 5 out of 5. It's a Psychological thriller. The adjectives are unique. The characters are so realistic that I could really see them in person, but, the powerful thing about the book is the author's voice. The storytelling is page-turning, highly anticipating with wrenching points. Jessica has a unique power of word-manipulating, it gives you chills. 

She made me predict an Ending, wanting a second and at the end, I found a completely different ending than the first two.

You can find the author HERE

So, you feel interested in the book, gonna read it? Yes. No. It's ok, cause it was never about a book, paper or words. It's all about being adventurous, fearless and proud. Its all about the experiences we get from books. 

Books are Journeys. As well as my reviews. I don't review the characters, the flow, the writing style or the script. 
I review me after reading the book.
Keep reading, you are worth it, books are worth it.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A pic of a loop main theme for So far away. A book review on
Based on a free-hand sketch by Ali Khaled

Borrowed air flew like an uninvited guest
Either mine stayed nor hers are left
Faces suffocating, blurring the best
Oval face, pink cheeks. Sun-kissed
Reality broke in, A fear we can't resist
Earth evolves the sun, mine stopped to test

WilI I choose her, A future better than the rest
Either her love or mine, two never fit the nest

Warriors are either born or made
Eagles are different kinds and shade
Reign my life, I am not afraid
Either choice hard to bait

So, you love her enough to put a metal gun?
Towards your temple, like a sacred nun
Ready to give up the career you never begun
Always asking if love worths the run?
Now you choose, it's almost done
Gone with the wind, years after love. No fun
Reality broke in, love already won
Seconds in love, happier than a career in a ton

To art we shall love we shall survive.

So far away from home. A book review that might help you figure your life out.

Would you stay if I asked you to?
Would you sacrifice your dreams for the one you love? If you have a choice to take, would you choose a future with the one you love or a future with the career you've always wanted?

1) How do I choose?

Grace and Matt. The main characters in the book. From the first few lines in it, you might think it's like a normal cheesy book about love lost and found. 
And it is. The trick here isn't the main idea of the book. But the possibility and the choice. The lesson you learn. The print this book leaves in you.

If you have a choice to make? Would it be a success or a love?? Would you choose to be high from love or respected in a career?? I am sure you always asked yourself this question. Worried nonsense if your partner worths the sacrifice. But still, you never got your answer. Still in a loop. Keep reading you might find it here after all.

2) Choose A home:

Still waiting for an answer. Listen up.
Get a girl who can share a joint with!
That's a line I kept thinking and rethinking all the time while reading. Grace wasn't the perfect lady in the world, she had her fair share of fu*ked up life, however, Matt loved her. He saw her more than appearances fake etiquette. He saw her as a home.

To love someone isn't about finding a funny partner or an easy-to-talk or understanding one. It's all about the comfort zone. That tight little space that you wrap around yourself. 

Well, Imagine that space is a whole person. With hopes and dreams, smiles and laughter. 
A flesh and blood. Wouldn't you fall in love?
I would have. If I found the safety of a book in a person. The escapism of a joint in a person. The beauty of art in a person. The sweetness of a pineapple in a person.

We spend our whole lives looking for love when what we should be looking in the first place is comfort. Safety. Home.

If you found a home in a person. pull him into your arms. Lock him up in a distant tower, cause no amount of money or promotions can give you the happiness you would feel with that person.

Get a girl who can share a joint with. So far away. A book review on

3) Career wins, sometimes:

Some people are like music. You love them, you love yourself with them, they become your comfort zone, those small peaks of heaven you lust. But if they become too close or the music turned too loud, it becomes defeating, you distaste their headache, put your hands on your ears and lust for their silence.

I am talking about routine. When you get used to someone's presence that his voice doesn't give you goosebumps like before. He doesn't amaze you like he used to be. You start to wonder if he has changed or the fog of fake love and worship has dissolved. 

If that so, choose a career to build up your life. Don't lose both. Cause man that spark of love is gonna put down, sooner or later.

Love is faith. So far away. A book review on

4) Faith in love:

What is faith if it didn't endure? 
Page 69 

Love is cruel.  It takes more than gives. Your sole existence becomes dependent on the existence of your beloved. Every breath you catch is a result of his breath divided by 2. You get what's left of air around him.
And if there's no him. There's no air. There's no you.
So, what is faith if not meant to endure the cruelty of love? The pain of loss? 
What is love if it doesn't give us hope?

5) Last but never least: 

Happiness is a life full of love and success. whether you choose to take a step towards career before love or love before career. Life is both, where variety determines our choices those who felt disliked choose love and those who felt like losers choose a career and between great and not so great choices lie the ugly souls who hurt us and left a dark print in our lives.

A print we felt obligated to erase with wrong choices.

So, you feel interested in the book, gonna read it? Yes. No. It's ok, cause it was never about a book, paper or words. It's all about being adventurous, fearless and proud. Its all about the experiences we get from books. 

Books are Journeys. As well as my reviews. I don't review the characters, the flow, the writing style or the script. 
I review me after reading the book.
Keep reading, you are worth it, books are worth it.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Share your love with me, Mother
Hell will freeze, before your shutter
laugh can hurt more than a cutter.
Rough teeth smile, yours are used better
Pry open my heart, chew me without bitter

One rape is enough, to take all you want
Body never been touched,souls are the hunt
Jet black, her venom running up my front
Eager to violate, A knife weakly blunt
Caress young cheek, my sister'll grunt
The ideal daughter, Angel of death and shunt
Small sisters play, mine kills and hunt

Sharp objects cut, sick people violates

Review on one of the darkest books I have ever read| Sharp objects by Gillian Flynn

A picture of two ladies with a young girl

Hello everyone. How is it going? I hope you all doing great and ready for this review, cause this one is amazing! 
If you think that Gone girl is dark, you are wrong. This book is jet black. It's one of the creepiest, greatest, mouth- gaping ( if that's even an adjective😂) books I have ever read!

Com'on. Let's dig in cause I am gonna give you 

6 reasons why you MUST read Sharp Objects.

You begin to crave it, love it, do it and enjoy it. You violate the same way you were violated.


If you gonna learn a thing or two from that book, then that thing is to start seeing things differently. Life ain't black and white, there are too many shades of grey (Actually in this book there are too many shades of black). Life is filled with violence. It doesn’t have to be rape, or assault or even a murder. Violence can be done without a single touch.
It might break you from inside. Make you a less human creature. You begin to crave it, love it, do it and enjoy it.
You violate the same way you were violated.

Camille, her mother (Adora) and her little sister aren't just a normal family. They are fu*ked up, the first few pages in the book make you irritated, like who's the bad person. Who is the villain?  But through out pages, you start to see how an act of violence can affect others even unintentionally.


It's not. Not by a long shot. Even if the events are exciting and it is quite fast-paced actually. The focus here is on the mental aspect.

Gillian here wanted to show us a new species. A humanoid one where good and bad are extremely mixed. She wanted to blow up the bubble wrapped around us. Where good is pink and bad is black. We are humans we are chess board filled with white and black squares. Sometimes they are equal. Sometimes they are not.


But dignity isn't quite available anymore. Those who have none, set fire to the rain, let boiling water kills those around them and then they feed on our screams of agony.

Self-cut. I am sure most of you have already heard about it, recently it's been so viral,  but it's one thing to be a media buzz and it's another thing to face that demon. Camille was a cutter, her body was her masterpiece. When I read that book, I felt her suffer, need for intimacy and lose of human contact. She needed to feel alive and the cuts made her feel so.

Once I was standing on a cold corner in Chicago waiting for the light to change when a blind man came clicking up. What are the cross streets here, he asked, and when I didn’t reply he turned toward me and said, Is anybody there?I’m here, I said, and it felt shockingly comforting those words. When I’m panicked, I say them aloud to myself. I’m here. I don’t usually feel that I am.
P 152. Paragraph 1

At first, you don't know what the hell with Camille, what's her problem. Is it emotional deprivation or depression or self-harm or all of the above. But what you should know that this book would give you a dose of power like no other. 

This book is gonna destroy you, so you can build yourself better, more powerful. It's gonna give you a second skin. Harsher. Thicker.


I always feel bad for the girl that I was, she never told me she loved me and I never assumed she did 
P. 154. Paragraph 2

If you a parent, a future mother or even a distant aunt. That book gonna give you a strong lesson. 


I believe that mercy is the weakest form of love, the least you can do. If you can't be responsible and merciful then you can't be human, not a mother at the least.

Camille needed motherly caring, kindness and love, yet her mother is a b**** who never took responsibility for granted.


They didn't take anything from you. They took you and replaced you with a high-class monster

When I had been sad, I hurt myself... Amma hurt others 
P.241 last line.

Even trash has levels, some sick people have small portion of dignity, they only hurt themselves, pry open their souls and catch them on fire. 
But dignity isn't quite available anymore. Those who have none, set fire to the rain, let boiling water kill those around them and then they feed on our screams of agony.

You know what's really bad about violence, that you have been violated to the level that you don't really know if your own free will was taken from you or you wanted that violence.
You become familiar with it until it becomes in your bones, mixed up with your blood.
They didn't take anything from you. They took you and replaced you with a high-class monster

Sharp objects focus on that kind of violence, it shows you how it starts, why it propagates and what happens in the end. The book might look disturbing but in a beneficial way.

It isn't just a dark novel or a dangerous one. It's a mystery book. 
It gives you a glimpse of a new aspect of life. An aspect isn't yet good or bad. It's like a colour you see for the first time, a new shade of 3 of the darkest shades.


" Sometimes when you let people do things to you, you are really doing it to them "

This is a straight quote from the book, it might freak the life out of you, but it's true. 
When you let someone controls you, you control him too by being controlled. By giving them the satisfaction of being in control, yet they are the ones controlled by their nasty need for power.
When people see you less, let them. That's only gonna weaken them, lose their guard around you and become lesser. The least.

So, you feel interested in the book, gonna read it? Yes. No. It's ok, cause it was never about a book, paper or words. It's all about being adventurous, fearless and proud. Its all about the experiences we get from books. 

Books are Journeys. As well as my reviews. I don't review the characters, the flow, the writing style or the script. 
I review me after reading the book.
Keep reading, you are worth it, books are worth it.

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Took the breath out of my reach.
Hungry eyes, fire in each.
Escape the demon, never shall breach.

Dark goblets of purple stare.
Aroma of love maddens and dare.
Ready to kill, yet love and care.
Kill the enemy with hands, bare.
Every look of his eyes lost me some air.
Swept away. without reason or fair. 
Take me away, be my fairytale. 

Stars are born to shine and bright.
Though he is dark, I loved him alright.
dark star brightens my night.
Raven star, my darkest sight. 

We were all dark stars but luckily, he was the darkest

Free hand sketch by Ali Khaled 

Review on " The darkest star " by Jennifer l armentrout.

Hello book people. Hope you are doing great and reading like tons and tons of books. this review isn't like any other since this book isn't any book. This one is a spin-off to the first book I have ever read in my life. Just imagine reading a spin-off of your favourite characters after years of first reading the book.  

So, to break the ice for you, my book review today is on " The Darkest Star " by Jennifer l Armentrout.  

Just grab a seat, a cup of coffee would be great ;) as for whether you read the series or never heard about it or even hate reading (SHAME ON YOU!!)  I am sure you gonna love this blog post.

Luc watched me. “Most people are capable of doing horrible things or looking away from them while they’re doing amazing things. People aren’t one-dimensional.”                                                                                                                                                                                 

For me, people are either bad, worse or worst. Don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing. The good in you isn't measured by being good yourself, but by how worse you could have been, yet you are not. We are who we are and that isn't all about goodness and gracious. It's all about second chances.

  • His star isn't bright but I loved him anyway. I loved the dark since he was one. I loved the darkest star.

Some call it magic, others call it stupidity. I think it's both. Love is both magical and stupid, It's magical to be stupidly in love and its stupid to think that love isn't magical. It clouds your eyes, brainwashes your brain. Logic flies out of the window. Guess science failed to explain it. How can we love someone so bad? Change our mood in a second just because he is at a walking distance. Your eyes never failed to stare at him. How? 
 I really don't know but in this book, you gonna see the Magic of love.

  • Even in your darkest, someone sees you as their light. 

It's incredible how we can be manipulated. Ok, so again don't get me wrong. But, it's kind of a manipulation. All the opinions, ideas and thoughts that you have been building up all your life. Those that make up your personality. Your existence. YOU. They just evaporate. You just love everything in him. All the darkness you have been escaping, become a new obsession. You seek it and love it.
When you love, you see darkness...light. 

When you are in love with someone, You are happily-manipulated. Just make sure they are worthy of your obsession.

So, you feel interested in the book, gonna read it? Yes. No. It's ok, cause it was never about a book, paper or words. It's all about being adventurous, fearless and proud. Its all about the experiences we get from books. 

Books are Journeys. As well as my reviews. I don't review the characters, the flow, the writing style or the script. 
I review me after reading the book.
Keep reading, you are worth it, books are worth it.

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Wear my helmet, put it on.
Others can't see me, now. Deformed. Moron.
Never did them bad, yet good they never done.
Daring me to stop, reaching for my sun.
Endanger my dreams,  hope let me won.
Right through the heart, kindness is my gun.

Choose kind...Be A Wonder.

A boy holding a helmet while smiling
All rights reserved to the picture's original owners

Hello again everyone, hope you are doing great and welcome to my new book review. Books are Journeys and with every book I read, I live a new one with its ups and downs. Great moments and desperate ugly cries.

Today's Journey is " Wonder " by R.J Palacio

Let's dig in!

  • " When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind " 
One of the most common phrases in the book and the movie as well. Actually, if you wanna summarise the book, those words are more than enough. 
But when I read it, I had a question.
What if we choose not. Not being smart nor kind. Will that makes me a bad person for not choosing to be kind?

 Being kind is all about emotions while being right is all about reality. Human emotions are unpredictable and uncontrollable. What feels kind now might be full of evil tomorrow.
I would have chosen " being right " If only I was. But I am not and I bet you two aren't. Nobody's right we all are flawed. 

" Choose kind, but sometimes you must choose non. "

  • " Your deeds are your monuments " 
It means what you leave after your death is what you gonna be remembered for. Nobody is gonna remember you for being beautiful, or smart or rich. No one is gonna remember your grades or IQ or even your endless wardrobe. People are gonna remember you for the good you did in your life. The help you gave, the kindness you shared and the people you stood up for.

" The only things that really remains of you after your death, are those you chose to share in your life."

  • Olivia's feeling.
Olivia is Auggie's older sister and in my opinion, she deserves a book for her own. She represents a condition we all have been through,  you know that feeling when something irritates you. Yet, you can't describe it. You can't put it into words. 

Well, that's what happened with Oliva.  She had to do almost everything by herself. She couldn't say anything, she couldn't complain. Her brother's medical status was Critical at the same time she had an exam or need help in homework. She had to choose between her own welfare and her brother's suffering. 

" Some sacrifices aren't shown, some are unmentioned. Forgotten. "

  • " I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! " He was shrinking at the top of his lungs.

That was the first line on page 113 in Olivia's POV. I don't know why it stopped me. It seemed normal. Until I read the next line. 
" He was hurt...He was mad. " 
Those words said it all. All our bad decisions, raised voices, rude words and our worse actions. The darkness lies inside us was a result of untreated wounds. A result of us being hurt in the first place.

Am I overating things? Maybe yes.
Am I wrong? Hell, no.
Does being hurt enough alibi for us? No, but at least now we know what made us take those decisions in the first place.

A girl whispering to a boy wearing an astronaut's helmet
GIF via Tumblr

  • " The universe wasn't good to Auggie Pullman. What did the little kid ever do to deserve his sentence? "
Justin's POV.

I am sure we said that at least one time, Just replace Auggie's name with yours or your deceased father, maybe your unemployed brother, or your dead husband.

Different scenarios but the same mistake. We still see ourselves as victims. Even if something bad happens we still have the choice to make good things. We can control our lives, not vice versa.

Auggie who had a really rough childhood never gave up. He has a great personality, he is funny and smart. 

" Stop looking for the sad endings, there are plenty of them. Start making good ones. You can, Auggie did. "

  • " Extraordinary, but no one there to see. "
Miranda's POV.
we are unique in our own way, without even trying. we are born special. We are...Until someone breaks our self-confidence, either by hurt or by ignorance. And so on. We become extraordinary, but no one there to see.

  • " There are always gonna be Jerks in the world, Auggie "
Wonder is a kind book. It's filled with kindness and hope. But is it for real? 
Is this world filled with good people as well? How many are they? Are they more than the bad ones?

Does the evil in this world deserve one more chance? If you forget and forgive, would that makes you a better person or a fool? 
Who deserves your forgiveness.

  • " Just follow the day and reach for the sun "
Last but not least, if there a way to summarise wonder,  it won't be any way better than this sentence. Just be patient, be strong and follow your dreams.

Thank you for reading my review, that was a brief overview of all the thoughts I got during and after reading wonder.
Wonder gave me hope. It taught me to be a better me. It taught me to be kinder than necessary. It is, indeed, the cutest book I have ever read.

R.J Palacio
You can find the author Here